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As children, we are always taught to respect our parents. Parents are God in human forms, one should worship one’s parents and it is the duty of the children to take care of their parents in their old age, these are some diktats that have been floating around in our society for centuries.

However today we are witnessing a massive increase in the number of old age homes, or the more fashionable, retirement homes. Aged people are becoming more and more isolated and youngsters have less and less patience in handling them or adjusting with them.Many high earners and men and women with class and status in society can’t stand the sight of their aged and ailing parents and leave them to wither awayin obscure old age homes, not even looking back once at the person who was the prime reason for their existence.

It really wrenches our heart to think about such suffering that the aged have to undergo, isn’t it?However, there is also another side to the coin. There are also a sizable number of men and women who are forced to take the decision of leaving their parents in old age homes, because their parents leave them no other choice with their attitude and behaviour. But whatever be the reason, abandoning the old aged parents cannot be justified.

India is today home to 100 million senior citizens. The pity is that today’s rapid urbanization hasovertaken the traditional value-system of our people and shifted theirsocio-economicpriorities. Sons and daughters and their children find no time for the senior citizens in their family. The elderly, who have provided their services and support to the society, feel unloved and neglected at this phase of their lives. Their deteriorating physical strength and other geriatric illnesses add to their difficulties. Their often poor financial condition, lack of affordable health care and the general neglect by society has propelled Consumers Congress to step in and bring in elder welfare programs and advocate for elder friendly policies for past few years.

Dignity in life and death

Older people need to be able to lead a full life with dignity and they must be confident that when they die their last rites will be well taken care of, which is ensured by our NGO.

Anyone and everyone can help us in this campaign by volunteering to help elderly citizens or take a picture and post it on our website of an elderly person in need and/or donate or sponsor online for helping elderly citizens.

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