Join hands with us and be a part of the movement called "CONSUMERS CONGRESS". You can do your bit sitting at home also by joining us, as Intern/Volunteer/Social Media Champion, get certificate of participation and stipend, as well. For details visit our website : or call 9871680230

Surakshti Bachpan

We believe that poverty, illiteracy and child labour are part of a triangular paradigm, forming a vicious circle, where each is a cause and consequence of the other. Education is the key to the prevention of child labour, child trafficking and all manifestations of violations of child rights.

The mission of this campaign is to appeal and educate people against immediate threat of child trafficking.

It is a social campaign to help find missing children, targeting the children who have been trafficked and pushed into begging and child labour rackets. We intend to make a database of lakhs of children who are made to beg and work as laborers by traffickers and help them reunite with their families. Quality and meaningful education is the prerequisite for all child rights.

You can also contribute and become part of this campaign, only by clicking the picture of small children doing hazardous jobs, begging at different crossings or missing from their homes and posting it on our website.You can also contribute by making donations to us.


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