Join hands with us and be a part of the movement called "CONSUMERS CONGRESS". You can do your bit sitting at home also by joining us, as Intern/Volunteer/Social Media Champion, get certificate of participation and stipend, as well. For details visit our website : or call 9871680230

What you can do "CONSUMERS CONGRESS" is about people joining together to fight poverty. Together, we are making a difference to people's lives, and to our world. Join us, if you have the will to give, we'll show you the way...

Individual Donations

Education projects help underprivileged children access a quality education:

Rs.2,700 could educate a child for a year
Rs.6,500 could pay a teacher's honorarium.
Health Camp projects help poor to stay healthy and happy:
Rs.15,564 could help 100 of patients attended camp
Rs.5,230 could help to buy medicine for a health camp.
For the sponsorship of a project please Contact us.

You can also make contribution of any amount, which you want to donate as per your wish and convenience.

Corporate Donations

Adopt a Project: Support a project in a particular area of our work that you like. We will monitor the working of the project and ensure timely reports are sent to you.

For corporate donations please write to us at or call 9871680230

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